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Glory Science Team Meeting, 2011

NASA GISS, New York, N.Y., Aug. 10-12, 2011

Agenda (PDF)

Brief summaries by Charles Ichoku (PDF)


Bryan Baum (PDF)
Brian Cairns 1 (PPT)
Brian Cairns 2 (PPT)
Anthony Davis (PDF)
Richard Ferrare (PPT)
Johnathan Hair (PPT)
Daven Henze (PPT)
Chris Hostetler 1 (PPT)
Chris Hostetler 2 (PPT)
Damien Josset (PDF)
Kirk Knobelspiesse (PPT)
Hal Maring (PPT)
Alexander Marshak (PPT)
J. Vanderlei Martins (PDF)
Michael Mishchenko (PPT)
Hans Moosmuller (PDF)
Lorraine Remer (PPT)
Philip Russell (PPT)
Gregory Schuster (PDF)
Wenbo Sun (PPT)
Kenneth Voss (PPT)
Jun Wang (PPT)
Ping Yang (PDF)
Pengwang Zhai (PDF)

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